Modern business relies on data. Data is a cornerstone for any company, from consumer data aimed at marketing to a distinct niche to competition data meant to strengthen a business’s hold in its field. However, one of the pitfalls of this need for data is the likelihood of running into cheap or even fake data

Direct marketing, customer research, and demographic targeting rely on accurate data to drive customer interactions and bolster your business. While many companies (DataZapp, for example) offer cheaper data sources, you may be hindering your business by relying on cheaper data over quality information. 

This article discusses the pitfalls of cheap data and how investing in quality data is better for the long-term health of your company. It also covers some competitors and alternatives to DataZapp that are well worth the added investment. 

Pitfalls of Cheap Data

Cheap data is tempting for anyone worried about their bottom line. After all, data is data. So why would you need to worry about the cost? However, cheap data comes with several pitfalls, from offering outdated contact information that can jeopardize your next marketing strategy to providing irrelevant data that takes time away from your business. Investing in high-quality data cuts down on time spent parsing said data or chasing bad leads. 

For example, say you buy a list of potential contacts. Without specifications, these contacts could be in any industry and walk of life. While you could send out mailers to each of these potential customers, your overall engagement would suffer. 

Conversely, investing in targeted, researched data allows you to tailor your marketing plan. By reaching out to already interested parties, you cut down on wasted marketing funds, improving your overall return on investment (ROI). 

Top DataZapp Competitors & Alternatives

Purchasing cheap data for your company is like trying to water your garden with a pressure washer: you can potentially make things work, but you’ll damage your business in the long run. So instead, we’ve done the research to find alternatives to cheaper data providers like DataZapp, so you can obtain high-quality, sorted data that works for your company. While there are countless data companies on the market, these are some of the most reliable companies that work closely with businesses to tailor data acquisitions to their needs. 

Accurate Append

Accurate Append has accuracy in the name, and for a good reason. Our company works to gather data tailored to your company’s needs and offers data-appending services to improve upon the data you already have. By working closely with business owners to figure out a direction for the company’s append needs, our team ensures that all data gathered works for your business and marketing strategies. 

Whether you work for a marketing company or in real estate services, data appending can maximize your business results. Here at Accurate Append, our team is responsive on all levels, and works closely with your company to provide the highest-quality, comprehensive B2C sources. Our quality data and attentive team ensures you get the best results for your business. 

Accurate Append offers customized services for each business it works with and provides the very best sources to gather accurate, reliable data for you. The standard Accurate Append business flow involves getting to know your company and your goals and introducing our small but mighty team that works diligently to treat each client like the unique entity you are. Next, our team at Accurate Append provides beta data so you have a better idea of the quality and quantity of data you can expect. 

Over the next 30 days, Accurate Append works diligently to provide data that works for your company and to append existing data to serve your company better. From filling out customer demographic information to sourcing new leads, our company works diligently to meet your needs. We include 90-day check-ins and quarterly data reviews, ensuring your company gets the most bang for its buck from Accurate Append’s quality services. So if you’re looking for quality, reliable data, you want Accurate Append. If you’re looking for specialized, reliable data for B2C purposes, we’re the company for you. 


Demografy puts your information to work with the help of an AI assistant. If you’ve ever dreamed of having Siri work for you, Demografy is right up your alley. This service not only provides custom data insights but also helps analyze your business strengths and weaknesses and works to fill in the gaps in demographic data.

Imagine having an on-call assistant that knows everything there is to know about your company’s data and performance and can answer real-time questions about your company’s strengths and weaknesses at the press of a button. That’s the goal of Demografy. While there are a few downsides to working with an AI program, if you’re looking for a good midpoint between cheap data and a quality team, Demografy fits the bill. 

Blue Mail Media

This data giant offers quality marketing lists across hundreds of fields, tailor-made for specific niches. With 4,000 or more clients, Blue Mail Media is an industry giant. Sure, you do miss out on the hands-on attention to detail of a custom products provider like Accurate Append, but on the flip side, if you need large swaths of data at once, Blue Mail Media can help. 

This company focuses on pre-made lists over custom data pulls but has access to plenty of quality data to help bolster your next marketing campaign. If you’re looking for the firehose equivalent of quality data sources, Blue Mail Media can help.


From small companies to data giants, prioritizing the quality of your data collection over sheer volume can help you customize your next marketing plan. If you’re looking for an experienced company offering high quality data for big growth projects, contact us today. Our team of data experts can help tailor your company’s data for your unique niche and help grow your business using high-quality customer lists that rocket sales to new heights.