What is a Data Append?

A data append is a process that makes an existing database better by adding new information from a larger and more complete data source. Data appending helps fill in missing details, such as contact information, customer preferences and demographics. These services lead to a more complete and useful database.

Why Choose Accurate Append For Data Appending?


  • Our data appending services combine billions of data points from public records and premium partnerships, including changes of address, landline and mobile phones, emails, consumer preferences, dates of birth and more.
  • Dun & Bradstreet found that one third of businesses have lost customers or renewals due to incomplete data. Append data to your contacts helps resolve this.
  • Our list appending services provide the most powerful and comprehensive solutions for your sales, marketing, and outreach needs. We offer quality, quantified.
  • You can expect improved contact rates of 20% or more using our data match & append services.
  • Reach customers and prospects accurately across more channels with full contact appending.
  • Get graded phone numbers and improve close rates.
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Data Appends Save Time and Make Money

Accurate Append’s solutions are backed by decades of technology leadership and the best partnerships in the sector to append lead data. We work with regulated industries, voter files, fundraising data and more — all in a secure environment with round-the-clock processing. We understand that every growing organization has different challenges that’s why all of our data match processes are customizable to your needs. Give us a call and start appending data today.

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Proven Full Contact Data Appending Services

Landline and Mobile
Phone Append

New Authoritative Data Source phones score and enhance your list with prioritized, verified numbers. We help you get more out of your calling campaigns.


With a database of 900 million emails and a triple-scrub process, our list appending services provide remarkable results.


Real-time validation means better inboxing and fewer bounces for your email campaigns.


We provide several core demographic append products that will help you better understand your audience and target your campaigns.


Prioritize real leads and respond instantly with our real-time lead validation services. Validate, verify, and enhance your leads.


Update moves and mailing address with as little as a name, street address, city, and state. Add phone, email, and demographic information for your top audiences.


Join hundreds of campaigns that use Accurate Append to validate, verify, and enhance voter and donor records right inside their nations. Get better results right away.

Developer API &
Real-Time Sync

Integrating customer data integrity into your business processes doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Benefit from our leading data partnerships and technology leadership today.

Expert Data Logistics for Your Success

We help organizations make the most of their time and resources by helping them append data from the best sources using the best in today’s technology. Our data matching and append algorithms provide speed, accuracy, and security to every job. It’s quality, quantified.

Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Data

Real-time processing and tens of millions of updates each month give you the edge in your sales and marketing campaigns. We’ve developed proven partnerships to give you complete and timely results every time you run a file with us.

Self-Service, Secure Batch, API, and Custom Data Match and Append Products

We can work with any file — including millions of records — and any format to provide the best results. Simply put, if you can send or upload your records, we can append data to them.

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