While Experian Data Quality may be a well-known data provider, something must be said for personalization and attention to detail in the data world. Data is the cornerstone of modern marketing and advertising, and trying to work with raw data is like trying to drink from a firehose. Not only does working with a big data company put your business at risk of becoming just another number in a data provider’s system, but it can also lead to poor-quality data gathering.

This article discusses why personalized data is critical for your business and competitors and alternatives to EDQ that are worth the investment. It also covers why working with a smaller company can benefit your business and what to expect from data-gathering professionals who keep your business’ needs in mind from the start. 

Accurate Append’s Data Appending Services Are Superior

Data is key for any company looking to target potential customers. From finding email addresses and marketing leads to learning which demographics recognize your brand, good data can make or break a marketing campaign. Unfortunately, while many large companies offer high-quality data, they cannot provide personalized data services for your business. 

High-quality, personalized data teaches you about your business and helps you reach more people than ever before with your marketing campaigns. Without personalized data services, not only do you spend more time sorting through data that doesn’t meet your needs, but you also know that each data point is handpicked for your company. 

Unfortunately, big data companies cannot offer this attention to detail for their customers due to the sheer size of their business. So if you’re looking for personalized, high-quality data gathering and enrichment where your business is king, you want to work with small teams that are experts in their field. 

Top EDQ Competitors & Alternatives

If you’re looking for data enrichment services or want to partner with a data company that treats your business as a priority, these EDQ alternatives may be a good fit for your business. These companies are quality data enrichment and gathering services that offer personalized plans for each client. From working with your company to generating data to improve your existing records, these companies are a great alternative to EDQ and larger impersonal data companies. 

Accurate Append

Accurate Append may have a smaller team, but our company’s attention to detail and personalization services are second to none. Our company offers customized plans for each business it works with and boasts a hands-on data-gathering process that works alongside your company for the full duration of our data partnership. 

Whether you work for a marketing company or in real estate services, data appending can maximize your business results. From an initial meeting and beta data-gathering stage to 30- and 90-day check-ins and database updates, Accurate Append works alongside your business to help generate leads and ensure your success.

If you’re looking for a company where your business will be a big fish in a small pond, Accurate Append is your data service. Our team at Accurate Append is responsive at all levels. Each client gets the attention you need to build your marketing strategy and target key connection points and demographics. For example, Accurate Append can fill out existing customer contact demographics, so you know exactly what marketing strategy to use. Our team also provides quality, comprehensive B2C sources for your business, all of quantifiable quality. 

Our data appending means you can get more out of your existing data while augmenting your business strategies with new client lists. With Accurate Append, data gathering is more than just a one-and-done service. Instead, our team works closely alongside your business to align our products for your evolving needs. No matter your data needs, our team works diligently to collect quality sources and contacts for your business. From real estate contacts to marketing services, there’s no end to our quality data collection services. 

If you’re looking for a company to take your data to the next level, Accurate Append is the service for you. The attention to detail, customized services, and data-appending program at Accurate Append ensure quality and satisfaction through every step of your data-gathering journey. To take your marketing campaign to new heights, you need to work with Accurate Append.


KlientBoost is a marketing company that focuses on making every pay-per-click advertising work as hard as possible. Rather than relying on long lists of customer data, KlientBoost provides tailor-made services that coordinate across multiple social media platforms. While it may not be as well-known as Data Axle, its customized approach to marketing sets it apart.

In addition to reducing pay-per-click costs and coordinating marketing efforts across platforms, KlientBoost also offers B2B email marketing services that can help increase your ROI and engagement. If you’re looking for a marketing team that provides personalized attention and goes beyond simply providing a list of names, KlientBoost may be the right fit for your business.

Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media serves over 4,000 clients across countless industries by merging attention to detail with premade data tables. While you may lack some personalization with this company compared with a custom provider, the sheer scope of the company means you have access to a wide range of data for direct marketing. By assessing your company’s niches of choice and working to optimize your email marketing strategies, Blue Mail Media offers quality data that fits your company.

While personalized data lists may not be this company’s strong suit, its team prides itself on comprehensive data gathering that fits generalized needs. With such a far reach, this company has incredibly specific data tables, giving you a backdoor into specialized data for your company. This data service works best for large businesses more interested in large-scale data gathering across several niches. 

The sheer volume of the data gathered by Blue Mail Media covers multiple businesses. So if your company needs large quantities of high-quality data across several target audiences, this company may work for you. 


If you’re looking for a truly personalized data-gathering experience, working with a smaller company or a company that covers multiple niches well can boost your business. For example, contact Accurate Append today for true attention to detail and service that can’t be beaten. Our “small but mighty” team of professionals customizes data gathering to your business, allowing you to laser-target customers and improve your marketing ROI.

No matter your B2C niche of choice, our team works diligently to provide customized, quality results that will elevate your next marketing campaign or outreach program. Contact us today to learn more and improve your company’s data gathering by leaps and bounds.