Identify High Net Worth Consumers

Wealth Score is a valuable wealth screening tool that aids in identifying individuals with a substantially higher net worth when compared to the U.S. population, enabling you to make informed targeting decisions for your business strategies.

Target Marketing Campaigns Toward The Right Audience

Today’s high net worth consumers are wealthy, educated and have luxury tastes. Use our wealth screening services to identify these individuals and better target your marketing campaigns.

Expert Support and Advice

As a wealth screening vendor, we specialize in deep, long-lasting support customized to your needs. Your success and growth are our business model, and we’re building the custom wealth screening solutions to prove it.

Wealth Screening Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Wealth screening is a process used by organizations, primarily nonprofits and businesses, to assess an individual’s or household’s financial capacity and assets. It involves analyzing public records, financial data, and other information to determine an individual’s wealth, income, and potential for philanthropic giving or high-value transactions.

Wealth screening services are useful across various industries, including nonprofits, fundraising, financial services, real estate, luxury retail, higher education, healthcare, marketing, insurance, government, and professional services.

Wealth Score is a numeric score between 0 and 100 that indicates the predicted net worth of an individual as compared to the U.S. population.

Customer support can provide an estimate over the phone or via email.

The typical match rate is 50%.

Most files are processed in a matter of hours.

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