What is Email Appending?

Email appending is a data enrichment process that helps businesses improve their customer database by adding accurate and up-to-date email addresses to it. Email append services are helpful for companies that have names, physical, or mailing addresses of prospects or customers but do not have existing email addresses.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Bring your database or use ours: start with known contact info and add verified email addresses.
  • Our email append technology runs your outreach file through three series of checks to provide deliverable emails most likely to reach the inboxes of your audience.
  • Before delivery, we triple-scrub each email address to ensure maximum deliverability.
  • Our email append API integrates with your systems for ongoing email enrichment.
  • Have emails but no phone number or addresses? A “reverse e-mail append” can help complete your contact records and even add demographic information.
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Remarkable Inbox Results

Our email append process ensures you get back only real, deliverable emails. We make it easy to get the results you want by avoiding addresses that could cause SPAM problems. Our email deliverability products are built with industry leader ZeroBounce.

Up to 18 Million Updates a Month to get You the Best Matches

We provide dynamic results from a constantly updated database of nearly 1 billion email records. Your matches are verified as deliverable in real time.

Premier Support for Your Campaigns

We want your ongoing business and referrals — that’s why we offer every customer expert support and the custom data solutions and advice you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Appending

Our technology processes pinpoint the right person and their current contact information. An older address is enough to start the process and help us find the maximum number of deliverable emails for the people in your audience.

There’s no need to reformat your file. We will add new information to the end of your records without disturbing its original format.

Yes, email verification is one of our services, and in many cases we can even add usable email addresses to records that come back as undeliverable. This service can be very helpful for updating your email database that hasn’t been used in some time, or where more and more addresses are bouncing.

Pricing is based on the size of your list and the details of your order. Our data experts can provide a free consultation and an analysis of your file with a detailed cost estimate.

You may receive results in a matter of minutes after submitting your file for processing, depending on the size of your file. 90% of orders are completed the same business day.

Yes! We will use your existing email address locate the matching name and postal address. We can also match landline and mobile phone numbers if needed for your campaign.

Email is the single largest channel to reach consumers online, with a reach twice as large as Facebook. Adding verified, contactable emails to your database means you can quickly and easily reach your customers and prospects using this cost-effective channel. The Direct Marketing Association estimates a 40x return on investment in email marketing and 80% of SMEs rely on email as their primary customer acquisition and retention channel.

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