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What is a Medicare Leads List Building Service?

  • Our specialized service is tailored for healthcare and insurance marketers targeting individuals turning age 65 who are eligible for Medicare and Supplemental and Advantage plans.
  • It allows marketers to identify, reach, and engage potential Medicare beneficiaries through data-driven strategies.
  • This turning 65 list includes phone numbers to help your marketing campaigns flourish.
  • Customized lists are created based on specific selection criteria related to Turning 65 Medicare Leads.
  • The service offers the option to include postal addresses and, when applicable, email addresses, enabling multi-channel outreach.
  • Access to premium contact data enhances the quality and effectiveness of your customized lists.
  • Providing a comprehensive view of top prospects facilitates more targeted and successful marketing campaigns in the Medicare space.
  • These T65 leads are perfect for your direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Create Your Custom Turning 65 Leads List From Our Consumer Data

If you’re an insurance agency looking for new Medicare leads, we can assist you in reaching potential clients who match your specific criteria. Here’s how:

  • Income Targeting: Whether you aim to connect with individuals with certain income levels or income brackets, our list-building service allows you to create a tailored list that matches your income-related criteria.
  • Demographic Selection: If you have a specific demographic profile in mind, such as age, gender, or household composition, we can help you curate a list that aligns with your demographic targeting needs.
  • Location-Based Targeting: Whether you want to reach leads in a particular city, state, or region, our service enables you to build a geographically precise list, ensuring you connect with potential clients in your desired location.

Now is the ideal time for insurance agencies looking to engage with individuals turning 65 while considering their income, demographics, and location. If you’re interested in reaching out to a specific audience in these respects, please contact us. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect Medicare leads for your business.

Our Turning 65 Leads Service Saves Time and Makes Money

Accurate Append’s Medicare leads list building solutions are backed by decades of technology leadership and the best partnerships in the sector. We work with regulated industries, voter files, fundraising data and more — all in a secure environment with round-the-clock processing. We understand that every insurance agency has different challenges that’s why all of our processes are customizable to your needs. Give us a call and get started today.

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Most Requested Data Points For Medicare Direct Mail Leads

Turning 65 Solar-ready Wealth Score Green Score & much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Leads List Building

Our support team uses our proprietary database of more than 250 million U.S. consumers to create a customized list of ideal customer profiles for your Medicare insurance agency.  Choose from thousands of attributes and our team will build customized lists with the contact data you need for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Contact us today to get a custom quote for our turning 65 lead lists. Our solutions are ideal for insurance agents looking for the highest quality contact data. We start with basic mailing list building services, and can add email list building services and even mobile phone numbers with the best time to call to reach your prospects. We offer one-time and subscription services, with batch, API, and self-service delivery.

Yes. Accurate Append provides Turning 65 leads list building services in compliance with U.S. laws and has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are SOC 2 Type II certified, and undergo regular independent audits.

Use our custom Medicare leads list building services if you want to fill your Supplemental and Advantage plan sales pipeline faster! We can provide additional  turning 65 prospects for your phone, email, and direct marketing campaigns with the best quality data and winning technical and customer service.

Proven Medicare Leads List Building Solutions

Landline and Mobile
Phone Append

New Authoritative Data Source phones score and enhance your list with prioritized, verified numbers. We help you get more out of your calling campaigns.


With a database of 900 million emails and a triple-scrub process, we can refresh and enhance your lists for remarkable results.


Real-time validation means better inboxing and fewer bounces for your email campaigns.


We provide several core demographic append products that will help you better understand your audience and target your campaigns.


Prioritize real leads and respond instantly with our real-time lead validation services. Validate, verify, and enhance your leads.


Update moves and mailing address with as little as a name, street address, city, and state. Add phone, email, and demographic information for your top audiences.


Join hundreds of campaigns that use Accurate Append to validate, verify, and enhance voter and donor records right inside their nations. Get better results right away.

Developer API &
Real-Time Sync

Integrating customer data integrity into your business processes doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Benefit from our leading data partnerships and technology leadership today.

Expert Data Logistics for Your Success

We help growing businesses make the most of their time and resources by integrating the best data from the best sources using the best in today’s technology. Our premium processing and matching algorithms provide speed, accuracy, and security to every job. It’s quality, quantified.

Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Data

Real-time processing and tens of millions of updates each month give you the edge in your sales and marketing campaigns. We’ve developed proven partnerships to give you complete and timely results every time you run a file with us.

Self-Service, Secure Batch, API, and Custom Products

We can work with any file — including millions of records — and any format to provide the best results. Simply put, if you can send or upload your records, we can append them.

Get an Estimate

Our expert data consultants can evaluate your needs to provide the best solutions, and even provide a free match report test to determine how much we can improve your contact files.