The Best Way to Verify Customer Data

Accurate Append’s customer verification and validation is the most definitive tool available to solve the question – “is my customer data good or bad?” Accurate Append will provide the answer in the form of actionable data in a matter of seconds.

Instantly Research Your Customers

We’ll tell you whether an email address or phone number is real, and enhance incomplete leads by adding name, phone number, age, email address and U.S. postal address — from minimal or incomplete form data. Actionable customer intelligence, in seconds.

Expert Support and Advice

We specialize in deep, long-lasting support customized to your needs. Your success and growth are our business model, and we’re building the customer verification products and custom solutions to prove it.

Customer Verification & Validation Solutions

All solutions listed below are available 24/7/365 as a Batch Service or real-time API.


Reduce bounces and flag spam and fraud. Verify your customer email addresses, in real time, before you act.


Validate, verify and enhance leads in real-time. Enhance your customer lists with fresh emails and phone numbers.


Use our demographic append API to enhance your customer database with demographic attributes.

Reverse Append

Discover your customer’s full name and US postal address with as little as an email address or phone number.


Append and score your customer’s cell phone and landline quality with Authoritative Data Source phone append.


Append your customer’s verified deliverable email addresses in real time with email append.

Customized Customer Data Verification to Fuel Your Success

SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant, we offer custom solutions for regulated industry and fast-growing startups alike. Our proven technology stack supports customizations and quick deployment to accelerate your customer verification and validation campaigns.

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Easy Integrations

Integration is easy with RESTful architecture, full documentation and codes samples.

Available Where You Need It

Cloud based RESTful API interface or Batch Service can be accessed from anywhere.

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With the highest possible uptime and fastest response times the service will always be available when you need it.

Top Data Logistics, Built for You

We combine the best available public data with curated, proprietary databases to give you the best, most reliable data possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Data Verification and Validation

Customer data verification is the process of confirming the accuracy and validity of the information provided by customers, such as names, addresses, and contact details like phone and email.

Clients use our APIs and batch processes to verify emails and other contact information, and to supplement lead data with additional fields including contacts and demographic information.

Accurate customer data ensures businesses can deliver products and services to the right individuals, reduce fraud, improve marketing targeting, and enhance customer experiences. Verified data helps prevent errors, wasted resources, and potential legal issues, ultimately leading to better operational efficiency and customer trust.

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