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Accurate Append not only appends the highest possible quality of demographic attributes but just as important, appends the right information to the right person using our proprietary Right Party Algorithm.

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Accurate Append maintains an industry leading demographic database allowing our customers the highest possible quality of demographic attributes appended to their lists.

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We specialize in deep, long-lasting support customized to your needs. Your success and growth are our business model, and we’re building the products and custom solutions to prove it.

Demographic Append - Frequently Asked Questions

Our demographic append service includes gender, age, years in school, estimated income, head of household, presence of children, ethnic group, marital status, voter age demographics, length of residence, median home value, and homeownership indicator.

The typical match rate is 50%.

Customer support can provide a quote over the phone or via email. Our services can also be accessed via NationBuilder.

Most files are processed in a matter of hours.

Yes, our demographic append service is an excellent source of US voter demographics and voter age demographics.

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