What would you do with a custom list of prospects and the best quality data for reaching them directly?

For a limited time, Accurate Append is offering free custom direct marketing list-building services with the purchase of phone or email data. You can create your list based on criteria like income level, language, home ownership status, age, business ownership, and hundreds of other interest and occupational criteria. Add our best-in-class contact data and you’ve got the platform to make a winning pitch.

Ask your account manager how to get started.

How will you make first contact with your new prospects? Here are three creative and influential ways to make your contact meaningful and engaging:

  • We once toured the offices of a direct mail marketing company where the founder had saved examples of the best campaigns over time. Some were framed on the wall, but most interesting were the larger objects he’d mailed for clients. For example, a treasure chest meant to get even the most cynical businessperson to open up and see what’s inside.
  • Zoho recommends research and analysis surveys to reach out to target audiences to help form conclusions and determine how best to market to them.
  • Catalogs and other direct mail (featured in Crazydomains’ guide to direct marketing) are a great way to grab customer’s attention and highlight your products after customizing a list using our free selects and premium products such as mobile phones.

With our direct marketing list building service, you can target your prospects by state and down to zip code. Reach executives, students or the self-employed with ease.

Whether you’re working with us daily or it’s been a while, if you have a project in mind where custom list building could fill in gaps in your data, just give us a call—we’d love to help.