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What is Email Hygiene?

Email hygiene, also called “email cleansing” or “email scrubbing,” systematically reviews and improves the quality and reliability of email addresses within a mailing list or database. It involves identifying and rectifying issues that may negatively impact email deliverability, sender reputation, and overall email marketing effectiveness.

Email hygiene services are crucial in maintaining a clean and responsive email list. These services utilize various techniques to ensure the quality of email addresses:

  1. Validating Email Addresses: Check email addresses’ format and syntax to ensure they adhere to standard rules and do not contain typographical errors.
  2. Removing Invalid Addresses: Identifying and eliminating email addresses that are no longer valid, such as those with non-existent domains or mailbox errors.
  3. Eliminating Duplicates: Identifying and removing duplicate email addresses to prevent multiple messages from being sent to the same recipient.
  4. Detecting Disposable or Temporary Addresses: Identifying email addresses associated with temporary or disposable email services, often used for fraudulent or spammy activities.
  5. Verifying Subscribers: Verifying the authenticity of subscribers by sending confirmation or opt-in emails to ensure they have willingly subscribed to receive communications.
  6. Suppressing Unsubscribed or Inactive Users: Removing email addresses of users who have unsubscribed or shown no engagement with previous emails to maintain a responsive list.

By regularly performing email hygiene, businesses and marketers can enhance the deliverability of their emails, reduce the risk of being flagged as spam, and maintain a positive sender reputation.

This proactive approach helps ensure emails reach the intended recipients, resulting in higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign success.

Businesses with high-volume email campaigns trust Accurate Append for their sales and marketing email list cleaning needs because we help them get the best results for their campaigns.

Email Scrubbing Services — Cleaning Your Email List for Successful Sales and Marketing Campaigns

We don’t clean data just to clean data — email hygiene services at Accurate Append are designed to give consumer sales and marketing teams a winning edge. We work with the top data providers in the industry to find more verified emails for your customer and prospect lists. Spend more of your time closing deals, and less of your time on missing data.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Email Hygiene

We provide email cleansing services with one goal in mind — helping entrepreneurial businesses grow. We provide the best-quality data solutions to help marketing and sales teams reach more consumers with the right messages and close more sales.

Accurate Append’s Proven Process begins with a discovery phone call to assess your goals and needs. We then provide a no-cost assessment of your consumer marketing database, using a sample file to estimate how many phone, numbers, emails, and other audience segmentation data we can provide.

How much time are your sales and marketing teams spending researching and cleaning up bad contact data? With Accurate Append’s email list cleaning services, sales and marketing teams make more connections, faster — closing more deals for your growing organization.

The email hygiene process typically starts with your existing lists of customers and prospects. You may have a robust list based on customer acquisition programs that is missing data necessary to best serve your ideal customers. Accurate Append provides exceptional provider data quality by matching your list against in-house and premium third-party data feeds. Our reliable service shows how much incorrect or outdated information is on your list, flags quality issues, and shows where we can help provide more right-party contacts and deeper insights for improved customer experience. This step of our Proven Process is always free and is part of our culture around quality evidence that underpins each step of your customer journey with Accurate Append.

An email list cleaning services, also known as email hygiene or email scrubbing, is the process of finding and fixing erroneous information in your data. Accurate Append helps numerous customers with their data cleaning needs with a triple-scrub email hygiene program, and by filling gaps and adding additional data that will help you in your customer analysis. Solid data cleaning practices are an essential strategy within customer information management.

Email verification services are an example of data cleaning. Email hygiene service providers check the validity and deliverability of email addresses on your lists, improving the quality and results of your email-based customer acquisition programs. Quality improvements based on data cleaning help you reach more customers and prospects and provide an improved customer experience.

Email cleaning, email hygiene and email scrubbing all describe the process of improving the quality of your data sets through analysis and enhancement. Email hygiene providers perform a series of quality checks to ensure that information such as phone, email, and address are included and up to date, and may add additional quality improvements based on your business requirements.

The best way to get an estimate is by providing us with a sample of your list. We run initial email hygiene checks and report how many more email and phone contacts are missing or erroneous. You can also take advantage of our self-service portal or email hygiene API to create your own custom products and pricing. Accurate Append also offers subscriptions so that consistent customers get the best pricing with every list.

Every business with an email list will benefit from regular email hygiene and enhancements. This is especially true for businesses that rely on the best right-party contact information for large scale email campaigns, including the insurance industry, financial service providers, health care providers, and the survey research industry.

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Location and Address Hygiene

Location targeting and geographic selects start with as little as a name and email address or phone number. Using a mix of in-house and premium data feeds, we’ll match your file to the most up-to-date records available to find the location and address data you need for successful direct mail campaigns.

Proven Email Hygiene Solutions for Sales and Marketing Data Processes

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Self-Service, Secure Batch, API, and Custom Products

We can work with any file — including millions of records — and any format to provide the best results. Simply put, if you can send or upload your records, we can append them.

19 Email Hygiene Best Practices

  1. Remove Inactive Subscribers: Regularly delete inactive email subscribers.
  2. Avoid Spam Folders: Ensure your emails don't end up in spam folders.
  3. Personalize Content: Use personalization to connect with subscribers.
  4. Segment Your Lists: Categorize subscribers to avoid irrelevant messages.
  5. Use Suppression Lists: Maintain a good sender reputation by excluding unsubscribed recipients.
  6. Double Opt-In: Use double opt-in for genuine subscribers.
  7. Clean Your List: Periodically verify and remove invalid emails.
  8. Monitor Engagement: Keep an eye on open rates and adjust your strategy.
  9. Set Expectations: Communicate what subscribers can expect.
  10. Choose a Reputable ESP: Use a reliable email service provider.
  11. Comply with Data Laws: Follow data privacy regulations.
  12. Test Across Devices: Ensure mobile responsiveness.
  13. A/B Testing: Optimize campaigns through testing.
  14. Manage Unsubscribes: Make unsubscribing easy.
  15. Consistent Schedule: Stick to a regular sending schedule.
  16. Avoid Overuse of Caps and Symbols: Use them sparingly.
  17. Skip Role-Based Emails: Avoid sending to role-based addresses.
  18. Monitor Blacklists: Check and address blacklist listings promptly.
  19. Use Accurate Append as your high quality email hygiene solution to keep your email list clean, verified and ready to use.

These email hygiene best practices help maintain a positive email sender reputation and improve communication with your subscribers.