What are Phone Append Services?

Phone append services match names, email addresses, and mailing addresses from existing customer lists with phone data to add accurate phone numbers. These services help businesses grow by enhancing their contact lists, which leads to better marketing efforts, increased sales, and improved customer communication.

How Do I Get Started?


  • With Accurate Append, you can bring your own list, or start with ours using hundreds of audience-building criteria.
  • Transfer your contacts file with the data points you have, such as name and address.
  • Our processes integrate public and proprietary data from multiple sources to add, verify, and score matched numbers.
  • Our contact appending services can work with just about any file to add new data.
  • Our phone append & API services cover mobile and home phones, including grades based on how recent a number has been active.
  • We can also start with phone number and use a “reverse phone append” to add additional information such as email addresses and even demographics.
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Accurate Append is a technology company focused on service, responsiveness, and security. We make it easy to instantly understand your contact appending results and we offer free match report tests to quantify the data improvements you can expect when you partner with us.

Authoritative Data Source

You need to know you’re calling the right person, at the right number, that they are likely to answer. That’s ADS Phones — our new premium matching and scoring service for discerning marketers.

Dedicated to Your Success

We specialize in creating the best data solutions to match your needs. Our teammembers are trained in stacking products to get the very best results from your data.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Appending

In order to append the best phone numbers available we ask that you provide the following fields: full name, street address, city, state, and zip. Our service covers the United States.

Yes. We can provide the main landline for a business using a business’s name and mailing address.

We understand working with large data sets is complicated enough as it is, so our software safely appends phone numbers to the end of your record, keeping all of the other data in the file intact.

Pricing varies depending on the number of records in your job, the number of records for which we find matches and the types of enhancements that will best serve your project. Please contact our experts for a free analysis of your data and a detailed estimate.

Yes! We will take your list of phone numbers and append mailing address and other demographic information helpful to your campaign.

You may receive results in a matter of minutes after submitting your file for processing, depending on the size of your file. 90% of orders are completed the same business day.

Yes, we offer multiple phone append APIs. These APIs support standard phone append in addition to reverse phone append. More information is available on our API page.

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