How Can Consumer Mailing Lists Help Close More Business?

Direct mail marketing is one of the most successful ways to grow your businesses because consumers perceive physical mail as more significant than the digital messages we are exposed to throughout the day. And whether you’re a direct mail house looking to expand list services for your customers, or are managing a large database that needs attention to mailing address quality, Accurate Append can help.

We manage a nationwide database of U.S. mailing addresses and can help create consumer lists for you based on a wide range of criteria:

  • Geography
  • Household income
  • Donation history and preference
  • Donor Score
  • Owner or renter status
  • Age
  • Marital status and size of household
  • Occupation and business ownership
  • Interests such as betting, gaming, and the arts
  • Consumer goods preferences
  • Green Score
  • Health and fitness
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Sports fandom
  • Purchase history
  • Online shopping preferences
  • Education level
  • Language spoken at home
  • Finance and investments

We use our proprietary data as well as real-time sources to provide the most accurate mailing address information as well as demographic and contact data enhancements such as mobile phone number and email address. We provide NCOA and CASS standardization services and you can access our services via batch and API processing 24-7.

Popular Mailing List Enhancements

Turning 65 Wealth Score Donor Score & many more!

Create Custom Consumer Mailing Lists Based on Your Ideal Customer Profile

Insights from the USPS show that direct mail marketing is one of the most trusted and persuasive channels for growing businesses.

We can help you create a custom list for multi-state mailings or even for the entire U.S. based on your most valuable customer criteria. Direct mail vendors benefit from the best pricing through ongoing subscriptions and access to our real-time APIs and fast batch processing through our customizable products platform.

Direct Mail List Services that Get Results

We work with some of the largest data providers in the country and can quantify how much better your lists could be with access to our customer list products and data services. Accurate Append’s Proven Process starts with a call with our expert data team. Whether you’re serving thousands of direct mail customers, growing your own business, or just need to freshen up your mailing list, we’re here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mailing Lists

A mailing list service is a provider that helps mail vendors and businesses create accurate and standardized (NCOA, CASS) address lists for their direct mail marketing campaigns. Accurate Append’s mailing lists include consumer addresses and can be purchased as enhancements to existing databases or based upon audience targeting criteria that you select.

Accurate Append offers custom list-building services and can improve the address quality of your existing marketing lists, including adding physical address based on email or phone data from your customer database. We can provide one-time lists or fulfill your ongoing needs through real-time APIs and 24-7 batch processing through self service. We offer value-based subscription pricing so you get the best quality for your investment.

We’re the provider of choice for businesses that depend on quality data for their growth and to serve their customers. We’re a data platform, not a marketing or direct mail company – data quality and ongoing updates are our core businesses. We prefer to work with marketing companies and value-added providers who are helping small businesses grow, and we also work directly with many real estate and financial service companies that reach consumers directly through direct mail on a multi-state or national basis.

Yes. Many large political marketing and data firms rely on Accurate Append’s quality platform – particularly to improve and enhance voter file lists. We can report on how many voters have moved, help standardize addresses, and add enhancements such as mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and a wide range of audience demographic criteria to improve personalization and targeting.

Nearly 10 percent of the U.S. population changes addresses each year. Mailing list services help you reach the correct households with your offers and address the right people at each address. List-building services can also help you personalize your offers and mailings for maximum impact and best return on your marketing investment.

Accurate Append provides direct marketers with high-quality mailing address data and can enhance existing lists or help you create new audiences based on thousands of variables. Our list-building services are custom tailored for your business goals. Direct marketers depend on Accurate Append to provide value for their campaigns with demographic and predictive targeting that helps close more businesses.

Pricing for mailing list services is based on your business requirements and ongoing needs. We offer one-time and value-based subscription pricing options. If you are looking to increase personalization of customer experiences and to increase positive customer sentiment, you may wish to add several enhancements to your data set. Our Proven Process starts with a no-obligation consultant with one of our data experts. You can also access self-service and our developer API to build your customer mailing list products.

Improve Your Mailing Lists with Custom Audience Targeting

Buyer Personas and Customer Profiles are at the heart of a successful marketing and sales strategy. But what if you need a jump start for your consumer direct mail marketing campaigns?

Accurate Append has you covered with hundreds of millions of consumers in our comprehensive database. We can create customer counts that mirror your ideal customer profile, and provide quality postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers for your direct marketing campaigns.

Proven Solutions for Direct Mail Campaigns and Audience Personalization

We help growing businesses make the most of their time and resources by integrating the best data from the best sources using the best in today’s technology. Our premium processing and matching algorithms provide speed, accuracy, and security to every job. It’s quality, quantified.

Your One-Stop Shop for the Best Data

Real-time processing and tens of millions of updates each month give you the edge in your sales and marketing campaigns. We’ve developed proven partnerships to give you complete and timely results every time you run a file with us.

Self-Service, Secure Batch, API, and Custom Products

We can work with any file — including millions of records — and any format to provide the best results. Simply put, if you can send or upload your records, we can append them.

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Our expert data consultants can evaluate your needs to provide the best solutions, and even provide a free match report test to determine how much we can improve your contact files.