Our Consumer Data Enhancement Solutions

List Building

Bring your list, or use ours to grow a custom audience with hundreds of targeting options.

Email Append

Append your customer list with the most reliable email contact data available.

Phone Append

Add quality phone numbers to existing prospect lists with AccuConnect phone append.

Email Verification

Reduce bounces. Validate your email addresses, in real time, before you send.

Lead Validation

Validate, verify, and enhance leads. Determine if the person submitting the form is in fact a real lead.

Address Append

Add postal address, email address, phone number and demographic attributes to as little as a name, city, state.

Demographic Append

Demographic append enhances your database with demographic attributes.

API integration

Integrate Accurate Append’s data append and hygiene capabilities directly into your business processes.

Data Hygiene

Find inconsistencies and invalid data and improve your customer information management.

Data Enhancement

Add additional contact data and supplemental customer information such as donor history, wealth score and more.

Customer Profiling

Create data-rich customer profiles based on your business requirements and boost engagement and sales.

Database Marketing

Reach the right party the first time with better email and phone contacts plus data enhancements for your B2C marketing database.

The Best Data Append Solutions

We’ve worked with many industries to provide complete data append solutions – from real estate to home improvement to nonprofit fundraising. We’re happy to use our decades of experience in the data appending business to provide customized solutions for your data quality needs. We understand that every organization’s challenges are unique, so give us a call to see how our data can go to work for you.

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What is data appending?

  • Your contact databases include incomplete and outdated entries.
  • Our consumer databases include billions of data points on U.S. consumers, such as the best landline and cell phone numbers, email addresses, postal moves, and extensive demographic information, from dates of birth to interests.
  • We’ll use proprietary algorithms to make a recipe that updates your data with the most complete information possible, based on your needs and specifications.