How To Verify Leads

Lead verification is a crucial process that carefully checks potential leads, aiming to filter out undesirable ones based on specific criteria. This process includes weeding out leads with temporary email addresses, fake phone numbers, spambots, and other invalid prospects.

This verification process is essential for ensuring that a business or organization gathers high-quality leads genuinely interested in their products or services.

In a nutshell, lead verification checks for:

  1. Temporary Addresses: It examines email addresses to identify temporary or disposable ones, which are often less trustworthy.
  2. Fake Phone Numbers: It reviews phone numbers for inconsistencies or invalid formats, ensuring that they are legitimate and functional.
  3. Spambots: It detects automated spambots that flood databases with irrelevant or malicious content, a common nuisance in lead management.
  4. Invalid Leads: Beyond the mentioned categories, it also assesses the overall validity of leads, making sure they meet basic criteria for being worthwhile prospects.

By efficiently filtering out unsuitable leads, businesses can focus on nurturing relationships with prospects more likely to become customers, optimizing their marketing and sales efforts and resource allocation. Lead verification is fundamental for maintaining a reliable lead database and enhancing overall lead generation success.

Sound complex? It can be. Accurate Append helps your company take on the lead verification process in just a few clicks.

The Best Way to Ensure Lead Authenticity

Accurate Append’s lead validation is the most definitive tool available to solve the number one problem for online marketers – “is my lead good or bad?” Accurate Append will provide the answer in the form of actionable data in a matter of seconds.

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We’ll tell you whether an email address is real, and enhance incomplete leads by adding name, phone number, age, email address and U.S. postal address — from minimal or incomplete form data. Actionable customer intelligence, in seconds.

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Lead Validation & Enhancement Solutions

All solutions listed below are available 24/7/365 as a Batch Service or real-time API.


Reduce bounces and flag spam and fraud. Verify your email addresses, in real time, before you act.


Validate, verify and enhance leads in real-time. Enhance your leads with fresh emails and phone numbers.


Use our demographic append API to enhance your database with demographic attributes.

Reverse Append

Discover full name and US postal address with as little as an email address or phone number.


Append and score cell phone and landline quality with Authoritative Data Source phone append.


Append verified deliverable email addresses in real time with AccuSend email append.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Validation

Provide existing data using SFTP, our self-service platform, or real-time API and get back verification and additional fields based on your custom needs.

By verifying emails and phone numbers and adding additional information such as income information, you can ensure the accuracy and fit of a lead before reaching out by phone or adding lead information to your database.

Marketing and lead acquisition is one of an SMEs largest costs. By validating leads before investing sales time, you’ll not only reduce wasted time chasing poor-quality leads, you’ll gain the data you need to better target your marketing efforts.

Clients use our APIs and batch processes to verify emails and other contact information, and to supplement lead data with additional fields including contacts and demographic information.

With lead validation, you’ll quantify your marketing efforts. Straight North used an analysis of more than 373,000 inquiries to determine that 85% of customers converted on their first visit, while roughly 50-percent of “leads” were not sales inquiries. Lead validation gives you the data to successfully grow your sales and marketing efforts and invest in real returns.

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