Consumer data can revolutionize your business, from crafting customized advertising campaigns to figuring out new niches to target. Companies like Data Axle offer lists of potential clients to help companies tailor their outreach strategies for better engagement and to maximize their return on investment (ROI). 

If you want to expand your business’s reach, you may consider working with Data Axle. However, because Data Axle is one of the most well-known data providers, that doesn’t mean they are the only option. Many businesses offer custom-made data-enriching services that provide a better bang for your buck than this big-name data service. 

Let’s look at what Data Axle offers, its competitors, and alternatives to grow your customer base. 

What Is Data Axle?

Data Axle provides marketing lists to business owners. These lists allow marketing departments to target better client niches, including professional categories like nurses, doctors, and more. In addition, Data Axle conducts phone calls and collects open-source information to compile email and contact lists. They offer these lists to businesses, who, in turn, use the information to construct targeted advertising campaigns. 

While Data Axle is a powerful player in data marketing, companies looking to harness direct marketing strategies may have better luck with a smaller data-enrichment business that can tailor its services to a business’s unique needs. While Data Axle is a large company with the power of large-scale data-gathering programs at its beck and call, its ability to work one-on-one with business owners is severely limited. To Data Axle, the average business owner is just another number, only there to make money. 

Top Data Axle Competitors & Alternatives

Marketing data is critical for every type of business, and if you’re building a platform for a specific niche, you need a data partner that understands how important quality and custom products can be for growth. To get the most out of data enrichment services, you want a business that values your patronage and sees your business as its unique entity. This list of Data Axle competitors and alternatives that offer unique, custom data gathering and marketing services can help you find the right data appending service for you. Take a look at these data-gathering companies and assess how they may better fit your company. 

Accurate Append

Accurate Append knows the consumer data industry and how big players too often provide cookie-cutter solutions rather than the custom products you need to grow. For our data enrichment service, each client is a cornerstone of our business. Whether you work for a marketing company or in real estate services, data appending can maximize your business results. With a tailored approach to data gathering and enrichment, we treat each business and owner with the specialized attention they deserve. At Accurate Append, we ensure our team is responsive at all levels, and provide custom attention to our clients. 

While we have a smaller team, we’re just as powerful in the data enrichment and marketing sector – in fact, our sources help us provide quality that can’t be beat. Not only do we provide custom customer lists for better marketing, but we also offer an initial no-obligation data test to see how much better your lists could be. Working with Accurate Append means one-on-one meetings to assess what products work best for your company. 

Not only does the team introduce themselves from the start, but we take time to get to know your business as a whole and work to review and assess beta data examples for your company. This allows you to understand what you’re getting into. In addition, compared with the giant lists from Data Axle, Accurate Append offers customized lists perfect for your business and target niches. 

With 30- and 90-day check-ins, regular data updates, and quarterly reviews, Accurate Append stays with your business every step of the way. Our process allows us to treat each client individually, crafting our data enrichment method and comprehensive B2C sources to your company and needs. With custom products and custom methodologies for each business, Accurate Append is the top alternative to Data Axle for apparent reasons. 


Instead of focusing on long lists of customer data, KlientBoost works to make every pay-per-click piece of advertising work as hard as you do. It offers marketing services that coordinate across multiple social media platforms, and its services are tailor-made for each business they work with. It may be a lesser-known company than Data Axle, but its customized services make the difference. 

While marketing coordination and reducing pay-per-click costs are top priorities, KlientBoost works with B2B email marketing campaigns, increasing your ROI and engagement. So if you’re looking for B2B success and a marketing team that offers more than just a list of names, KlientBoost may be a good fit for your business.


If you want to laser-target customers and coordinate marketing campaigns across several platforms, Cience is right up your alley. This company plays the numbers for you, so you can assess how well an advertising campaign works before you go live. This saves you money, especially on pay-per-click advertising, and helps you refine future marketing campaigns before they go live. 

From generating leads to optimizing advertisements, Cience works with your business to target marketing needs and cut costs. While this business is larger (with over 151 industries serviced and 900+ clients), its data-gathering and cost-reducing services are second to none, making them useful for companies looking to do more than source data. 


If you’re sick of trying to generate leads for B2C and B2B leads, OpenMoves can help. While most of its services focus on pay-per-click and search engine ranking optimization, OpenMoves also provides lead-generating services. By collecting sales data and optimizing marketing campaigns, OpenMoves saves your business time and money. 

While this business offers list-building services, remember that most of its appeal comes from its social media advertisement experience and pay-per-click reduction services, so if you’re looking for a straight data-appending or data-enrichment service, you may want to check out another option on our list. Still, if your business wants to build your marketing campaign from the ground up or enhance your next advertising campaign, OpenMoves may be a good fit for you. 


If you’re looking for a company to replace Data Axle, check out everything we here at Accurate Append have to offer. Our small but mighty team of data experts works diligently to grow your business and generate data that works for your needs. To find out more or to get started, contact us and start growing your customer base today.