Data is the cornerstone of modern marketing. From customer demographics to accurate lead generation and sourcing, marketing campaigns suffer stagnation without accurate data and see a significant drop in ROI. Several companies claim to provide high-quality customer data, but many of these groups offer cheap data at the cost of quality and consistency. 

This article covers V12 Data (now Porch Group Media), its alternatives, and why investing in high-quality, consistent data is crucial to business growth and marketing strategies. 

What Is Porch Group Media (V12 Data)?

V12 Data saw a rebranding in February 2023,  marking a new direction for this information-gathering company. Porch Group Media’s focus shifted to customer journey management services and potentially away from V12 Data’s original services. Unfortunately, while their services may help streamline customer management, the shift in branding could signal a drop in quality from the original company, which may leave businesses suspicious of the new direction.

Unlike other high quality and consistent data services, Porch Group Media will need to prove that its rebranding will not diminish V12 Data’s original services in the long-term.

Why Is Consistent, High-Quality Data Important?

User data constantly changes. From updated email and address information to evolving demographics, keeping in stride with customer insights can benefit businesses of all backgrounds. Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies benefit from targeted marketing, while direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses use customer data to build connections and craft individualized campaigns. However, even business-to-business (B2B) companies need accurate leads to ensure their marketing campaigns hit the mark. 

Without accurate data, businesses will likely stagnate or see fewer returns on their marketing campaigns. Purchasing flawed data is just as bad as offering faulty products, as these insights can lead your business into a new direction that’s unprofitable in the long run.

With accurate, high-quality data, companies can easily track customer insights, rate the effectiveness of past marketing campaigns, and identify business trends that help their companies grow. Good data leads to better marketing, so companies should look for high-quality, established, consistent data-appending services

Top Alternatives to Porch Group Media (V12 Data)

Here are the top alternatives to Porch Group Media (V12 Data). This list prioritizes high-quality, reliable, consistent data, ensuring your business gets the best data appending and lead-sourcing services possible from reliable sources. So let’s dive into the best data-sourcing companies on the market without further ado. 

Accurate Append

Accurate Append is the top pick for Porch Group Media (V12 Data) alternatives for a good reason. Accurate Append has been one of the leading providers of accurate data for years, and their team boasts a combined 45+ years of experience in data gathering and appending. 

Their high-quality data-gathering services and email append services allow businesses to bring existing data to the next level while reaching new clients. For example, companies looking to update existing lead lists can use Accurate Append to enhance their next marketing campaign. In contrast, those looking for customer insights can use data services to calculate their next move. 

With Accurate Append, quality is the name of the game. This company offers a wide range of services alongside years of consistent results, making it easily the best alternative to Porch Group Media (V12 Data) on the market today. So if you’re looking for accurate data, real-time customer insights, and up-to-date lead generation services, you’re looking for Accurate Append. 


Explorium uses the powers of AI to pull data from the web, allowing you to request specific lists and data at the push of a button. While Explorium boasts accurate data, their services are unrefined, aiming toward collecting as much data as possible and scoring it on accuracy. 

While Explorium can be used to add to existing lists or rate current lead information, their appending services leave something to be desired. Still, their business insights and data-tracking services put them above Porch Group Media (V12 Data) regarding efficiency, as they provide data-gathering and review services in one convenient location.

Explorium allows data-gathering based on demographic, individual, and business criteria. However, it does not have the green score or donor data that providers like Accurate Apppend offer, scoring it a lower position on our list. Also, due to the unrefined nature of the automated list-gathering services offered by this company, the accuracy of customer demographic data may be off base. 

Suppose you’re looking for high volumes of data in one location or want to rank your current leads using an AI program. In that case, Explorium is a decent alternative to Porch Group Media. However, it may not provide as high-quality data-validating services as other options. 


ZoomInfo covers a whole suite of marketing services, including B2B, D2C, and B2C services, not to mention hiring services for companies looking for new talent. This company prides itself on offering streamlined “no coding” data to clients of all sizes and backgrounds. While their offerings seem comprehensive, it is worth noting that any business that claims to service this many companies on different platforms is unlikely to offer the highest-quality data.

It is also worth noting that ZoomInfo has several business applications, all of which require a premium subscription for basic services like office chat functions, email and phone automation, and more. While these services may benefit businesses, the lack of cohesive servicing on one platform and the obvious subscription grab score this service slightly lower on our list.

Still, suppose you’re looking for a laser-targeted separate app for collecting data. Then, depending on your business’s needs, ZoomInfo and its subsidiaries may be a good replacement for Porch Media Group (V12 Data). 


Looking at the options available, Accurate Append is the clear best alternative to Porch Media Group (V12 Data). This distinction comes from Accurate Append’s years of experience, consistent results, impressive data coverage, and appending services. With a wide range of business services in one comprehensive platform, Accurate Append can help grow your business to new heights and give direct marketing insights that propel your next campaign. To find out more and to schedule a consultation, contact us today.