With the 24-hour news cycle, when a well-known business fails, especially a large corporation, everyone hears about it. From Toys “R” Us to Sears, big businesses are going bankrupt at an alarming rate. What can small businesses learn from these large-scale examples?

Keep up with new tech and trends 

Staying relevant and in the know is the key to long-term success. Monitor changes in the strategies that your competitors are using. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for what’s next in your industry.

Communicate authentically with customers (and employees!)

Even with the rise of AI, consumers strongly prefer a human touch and a listening ear. Transparency builds trust which is essential for any business relationship to succeed. This is definitely true for your customer relationships, but extends to your staff as well. These are the people you’re entrusting the future of your business with. Treat them with respect and they’ll be more attentive to the company’s needs. 

Embrace change 

One reason why so many big businesses are failing is that they are not adapting to the changing landscape quickly enough. Consumer preferences shift. Businesses that cling to old business models and strategies that no longer work in today’s economy are doomed.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things and taking calculated risks. As an entrepreneur, you have to identify opportunities and capitalize on them. Don’t get stuck in the same old methods; instead, look for new ways to innovate. Relying on “the way it’s done” can be the biggest business mistake you can make. A small business should be nimble and adaptable – this is what sets you apart from the big-box stores.


Smaller operations can learn a lot from the mistakes of corporate leadership. Don’t fall into the same traps as the enterprises we’ve watched come and go. Adapting to new challenges and embracing change is essential for any business to succeed. Ensure longevity by staying up-to-date on new tech, trends, and preferences to keep your business relevant and thriving.