Whether you have your own list of prospects, or would like us to pull you detailed targets of homeowners by wealth and zip code, there’s no better time for solar professionals to run an append project that will make sure you’re reaching the right consumers. That means triple-scrubbed email addresses, plus up-to-date phone numbers graded with their likelihood of an answer.

Why now, solar installers and clean, green energy professionals? You know it: the major new federal spending bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), includes hundreds of billions in renewable energy funding, including tax incentives and rebates for solar and other green building projects. In fact, not only can we help you connect with more qualified consumers, we can even provide a modeled score predicting how likely they are to support green lifestyle choices.

“It’s basically just a big green light for everyone—for the consumer, for the companies making these products, for building owners, for utilities, everybody—to start doing this stuff,” Ben Evans, federal legislative director of the US Green Building Council, tells Wired.

What is in the IRA?

  • 30% tax credit for solar projects, up from 26% after previous homeowner credits had begun to phase out.
  • Rebates for heat pumps, electric water heaters, and stoves.
  • Expanded credits and planned on-the-spot rebates for electric vehicles, and much more.

“The need for families to take control of their energy and for broader U.S. energy independence has never been clearer. All of us at Sunrun are focused on scaling as fast as humanly possible to provide customers with a more affordable, clean and resilient way to power their homes and lives,” Sunrun CEO Mary Powell says.

Uncertainty about tax credits and funding for solar manufacturing weren’t doing the green energy sector any favors. Now, it’s full steam electrification ahead. Give us a call at Accurate Append today and we’ll help with the data you need to win more business—now—from consumers ready to move on solar and other energy efficiency projects.