While running your small business, it is easy let some of your social media accounts go dormant. Whether you’ve turned your attention to other platforms or focused on product creation, when you’re ready to rekindle interest through Meta these three tips will help get you back on track posting, reconnecting with your audience, and start generating leads again. 

Consider your audience

Before you start posting again, take a look at your page’s analytics to see who your current audience is and think about what type of content you can create quickly. Use this information to create a content strategy that will resonate. Then, think about your ideal client. What would interest them most? Post that content.

Add CTAs

Tell your viewers what to do next. Don’t shy away from calls to action related to sharing your posts. While they are still watching or reading, they’re more likely to do whatever you’re asking especially if it free. This will help expand your audience and encourage viewers to engage more with your page.

Repost successful evergreen content

What went viral on Twitter may not resonate with your target audience on Facebook. It is still a good idea to reuse content that people liked in other online spaces. In the process of reviving your page, quality matters but focusing on quantity will ensure more eyes find your content.


Reviving a business Facebook page that you have stopped posting on can be a great way to reconnect with your target audience and get more sales. These tips should help you get back to posting, increase engagement, and reach new potential customers. Keep in mind that reviving a dead page on any platform may take time so have patience and post consistently to see the best results.