Do you want to expand your business network? LinkedIn is a great place to start. Linkedin is the professional networking site where you can connect with others in your industry. If you start with zero connections, it is easy to get lost and go unnoticed on the platform. Here are five simple tips to get you started so you may begin making contact and leaving a positive impression on your new connections.

Customize your profile: Outline your professional experience and present yourself in the best possible light. Include a good headshot, relevant skills, and accomplishments that will help make your profile stand out from the rest. People are unlikely to trust a blank profile with no image. Put forth your best self in your profile first.

Reach out to relevant contacts: Utilize LinkedIn’s search tool to find people you already know and new contacts who you think may help you reach your goals. Make sure to include a personalized message when sending a connection request. Remember, they’re likely a busy professional with little time for direct messages. Keep your communication concise and kind.

Participate in groups: Join groups that are related to your industry and start participating in the conversations. This is an excellent way to make connections, build relationships and gain visibility for yourself. You might also learn something new that helps you in your career.

Follow influencers: Follow influencers in your industry and engage with their posts. It is a great way to get noticed and start building relationships. You should also interact with people who don’t have large followings. They’re more likely to respond and engage with your posts.

Hit publish: Make sure to post regularly on LinkedIn, whether it be articles you’ve written, or interesting content from other sources that are related to your industry. This will help increase your visibility and help you build your network. While you want to keep it professional, don’t over think your posts. You have thousands of interesting thoughts per day. Don’t assume everyone know what you know. They don’t! Create and share consistent posts that show your knowledge and leave them wanting more.

Linkedin, like every other social media platform, uses algorithms to keep people scrolling. While it is different in that your activity there can get you hired or find your next star employee, you can approach it with a similar attitude. Keep your enthusiasm and wit, just make your posts and interactions in line with your work ethic and values.

You’ll be expanding your network in no time.

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