“Data is the new oil? No: Data is the new soil, because for me, it feels like a fertile, creative medium. Over the years, online, we’ve laid down a huge amount of information and data, and we irrigate it with networks and connectivity…”

–       David McCandless, British information designer, data-journalist, and author. McCandless writes the blog Information is Beautiful, which inspired his bestselling book of the same name (entitled the Visual Miscellaneum in the U.S.)


How do you grow a successful company? If data is the new soil, then platforms, apps, and data appending are the new nutrients. According to Forbes Magazine, when companies drive strategic decisions with data, innovation bubbles up from user behavior and the imperative is on meeting customer needs – data is the soil that cultivates the company. And thanks to game changing platforms like NationBuilder, the climate has never been better to grow a new company or campaign.

When Jim Gilliam created NationBuilder, he envisioned a fertile new platform that would grow grassroots campaigns and provide unparalleled support for organizations and individuals alike. The catalyst for NationBuilder was Gilliam’s cancer. After UCLA determined that a double lung transplant wasn’t an option for him, he turned to online community organizing. The subsequent internet campaign helped place Gilliam on the transplant waiting list. One year later, he finally received a life-saving double lung transplant.

“I owed every moment of my life to countless people I would never meet. Tomorrow, that interconnectedness would be represented in my own physical body,” Gilliam explained.

“The purpose of NationBuilder is to bring that kind of power where everyone can connect with people who can help them accomplish great things. NationBuilder is a software platform that helps leaders connect with the people that care about what they’re doing and can help inspire them to do something.”

NationBuilder, which describes itself as the world’s first community organizing system, integrates customer relationship management and content management in an affordable and accessible complete software platform. This revolutionary platform acts as a community outreach campaign control center, combining recruiting, publishing, messaging, and fundraising. The site’s customers can build nations using custom responsive websites with blogging capabilities, newsfeeds, customer relationship management databases, and social media to organize as well as consolidate their supporters. But it’s NationBuilder’s data capabilities that truly set this platform apart.

NationBuilder’s platform features apps that can facilitate growth in your company, including Accurate Append’s app. This app connects to your NationBuilder account, cleaning your data in place, providing high quality data enhancement, and connecting you with your customers and supporters.

Accurate Append’s AccuSend email verification identifies invalid, nonexistent, or expired email addresses using advanced verification technology that contacts the email host’s server, determining whether the address is active and currently receiving email. The AccuSend Email Append adds verified, deliverable email addresses to existing marketing and prospect lists. The AccuConnect Telephone Append adds quality landline phone numbers to existing lists. And the AccuProfile Demographic Append enhances your customer list with key socioeconomic demographics, including ethnicity, age, income level, gender, education, and more. Appending this demographic information from a customer relationship database can help your business focus its marketing campaigns, targeting key areas for advertising.

Data is the new soil. It’s a fertile, creative medium – and with irrigation from platforms like NationBuilder and apps like Accurate Append’s, the climate has never been better to cultivate exponential growth in your company.