Reach The Right Person, At The Right Time

Dialing and texting campaigns are at the heart of every campaign’s outreach strategy, and for good reason. They’re reliable methods to contact voters, ID supporters, raise dollars and turn your people out during GOTV.

Our phone databases have over 600 million landlines and mobile phones for US consumers. Our process is optimized for providing you with the most recent and accurately matched phone numbers for your contacts.

This means that if we return a match for “John Smith”, you can be confident you are dialing the most up-to-date phone number available for the one actually on your list, not the easiest one we could find.

This focus on quality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quantity, either. In fact we often return not just more accurate matches, but a higher total number of phones (especially mobiles) than many of the other popular political data enrichment vendors.

When it comes to dialing, our ADS phone appends don’t just offer you the best chance to reach the right person, we can also provide you insight into the best times to reach them.

Reduce Your Missed Opportunities

Every bounced email, wrong number, or outdated address represents a missed opportunity to contact a voter, mobilize a supporter, organize a volunteer, acquire a donor, etc.

In a race where every vote and every dollar matter, data hygiene is a crucial practice to have—and works best when done regularly. We can validate phone numbers, verify email addresses, and update postal addresses to help your campaign’s data stay nice and clean.

We bundle email verification with appending in one operation so that you can stay focused on winning your race. Bad emails get replaced with new ones that have gone through a deliverability verification process. We also suppress any problematic (SPAM trap) addresses.

Political Data Enrichment To Improve Your Targeting

You already have voter, volunteer, and donor data, but what if you could go deeper with your targeting?

A 2021 study by Hubspot found that marketers who ran segmented email campaigns saw 14.31% higher open rates and 101% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns. This is classic marketing, if you try to speak to everyone, you’ll be heard by no one—and it’s especially relevant for political campaigns. Different voter segments care about different issues, and it’s your responsibility to engage them accordingly.

Demographic appends allow you to add age, gender, income level, wealth, education, ethnicity, and more to your data. You can use this to segment your list, and send the right campaign message to the right people.

Political Data Appends At Election Speed

There is never enough time (or money) when you’re running a political campaign. Every day that pass is another day closer to election day, and the last thing you need to slow you down is your political data appending partner.

Unlike some other vendors, you won’t find yourself waiting 24 hours on us just to get back a few inaccurate emails and phones on voters you needed to contact yesterday.

From day one, our engineers have built our systems for speed and accuracy. Whether you’re appending via our API, SFTP batch, or our self-service portal, we deliver you high-quality matches with a quick turnaround so that you can act with the urgency your campaign requires.

We both know no system is perfect, so in the times when things do slow down on our end, our team is quick to respond and will keep you in the loop.

How Can Our Political Data Services Help Your Campaign?

If you’d like to learn more about our political data service that can help your campaign win, then click below to connect with one of our team members.

Once we have a better understanding of your data appending and enrichment needs, we’ll run a free match report using a sample of your data and return our data output so that you can see how many new opportunities we can add to your list!

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