Validate The Data You’re Capturing

The simplest way you can maintain your lead quality is through validating and verifying the data you’re capturing.

Mistaken and even fake form submissions are going to happen, so you need a way to weed out those bad emails, fake phone numbers, and outdated addresses before they reach your client’s CRM.

Our address, email, and phone verification services can help you validate accurate data and scrub out the bad. We bundle email verification with appending in one operation so bad emails can be replaced with new ones that have gone through a deliverability verification process. We also suppress any problematic (SPAM trap) addresses.

Enrich Your Lead Data

You are already generating valuable lead data for your clients, but what if you could go deeper and offer them more value?

Could your clients benefit from having postal addresses for leads, additional emails, or phone numbers? Even if you have only collected a name and a phone number or email address, we can leverage that through a reverse append to find the lead’s address or additional contact data.

Our ADS phone appends won’t just give your clients the best chance to reach the right person, it also tells them the best times to call.

In addition to this, demographic appends give you the ability to add age, gender, income level, wealth, education, ethnicity, and more to your lead data. This unlocks multiple new ways for your clients to find high-performing segments and improve their targeting.

Enriching your lead data could create new value for your clients. Whether you decide to capture that value by charging them more or passing it along is your call—but the option is there for your business.

Built To Move Fast With You

When it comes to lead generation it’s an understatement to say that timing is everything. The sooner you get your clients their leads the sooner they can realize the value you’re providing. Neither one of you can afford to be slowed down, especially by your appending partner.

Unlike some other vendors, you won’t find yourself waiting 24 hours on us just to get back a few inaccurate emails and phones on hot leads you needed to deliver to your client yesterday.

From day one, our engineers have built our systems for speed and accuracy. Whether you’re appending via our API, SFTP batch, or our self-service portal, we deliver you high-quality matches with a quick turnaround so that you can deliver for your clients.

We both know no system is perfect, so in the times when things do slow down on our end, our team is quick to respond and will keep you in the loop.

How Can We Enhance Your Lead Lists?

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you verify or enrich the leads you are generating, then click below to connect with one of our team members.

Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we’ll run a free match report using a sample of your data and return our data output so that you can see how many new opportunities we can add to your list!

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